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by Vered Osman


Khaled Abu Ali, a Sufi Muslim, is an actor and director at the Acre Theater Center. Searching to find the connection between God and man, he is prepared to die at any given moment. Noam and Tzvika, religious Jewish theater actors, want to produce a play about the rebuilding of the temple and they ask Khaled Abu Ali to direct the play. They are committed to increasing consciousness about the rebuilding of the temple on the ruins of the Al Aksa Mosque, the fifth holiest place in Islam. However, the work does not proceed as planned and Khaled tries to find uplifting moments with "Al Dervish" through Sufi music, regularly attends the Sufi Dhiker ceremony in the mosque, and abides by the rule, "Do good even unto he that wrongs you".

international title: Abu Ali
original title: Abu Ali and the Holy Temple
country: Israel
year: 2010
genre: documentary
directed by: Vered Osman
film run: 59'
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