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by Hilla Medalia


'Happy You're Alive' documents both the tragedy of battle in the West Bank and the lasting effects of war on society as they play out in the lives of two men struggling after their encounters in combat. Their difficult return to life as usual after the terror of the battlefield has been captured on film over a span of more than two years. Each man deals with the haunting memories of war differently, with one turning to music and one to therapy; both stories show that the will and strength to survive can be found even in the face of the most unimaginable pain.

international title: Happy You're Alive
original title: Happy You're Alive
country: Israel
year: 2012
genre: documentary
directed by: Hilla Medalia
film run: 59'
screenplay: Hilla Medalia
film editing: Tor Ben-Mayor
music: Kobi Vitman
producer: Hilla Medalia
co-producer: Neta Zwebner-Zaibert
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