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We meet them at school gates, underground parking lots, at entrances to shopping malls, and many other places.There are tens of thousands of security guards in Israel, most of them of Russian origin. Although they are everywhere, we do not see them--they are transparent. They immigrated to Israel at advanced age and found themselves doing security work in order to survive. Many of them used to be well-respected professionals or artists in their pasts. The heroes of our film--former musicians, a writer, and a surgeon--insist on remaining creative in spite of it all--an optimistic note in the quasi-tragic destiny of these people.

international title: Voices from the Booth
original title: Voices from the Booth
country: Israel
year: 2014
genre: documentary
film run: 49'
release date: PL 09/05/2015
screenplay: Bracha Zisman-Cohen
film editing: Bracha Zisman-Cohen
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