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Shawn gets bad publicity when he ends up having sex with the daughter of a woman whom he cured and it turns out to be a trap when the girl tells the media her story. Maia paints a vision that at first doesn't make sense, but then the nerds at NTAC match it to the most polluted - and more crucially, abandoned - part of Seattle, making it the perfect hiding place for Collier, his 4400s and P+es. Tom and Diana try to investigate, but find out that Collier has set an uncrossable perimeter around his "Promise City". When Collier starts broadcasting live footage of a P+ turning the poisoned water perfectly clean and declares his peaceful intentions but also states that they are not to be interfered, the government sends in a squad of super soldiers to take him down.

original title: Till We Have Built Jerusalem
country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
year: 2021
genre: fiction
film run: 51'
release date: UK 14/08/2007, DE 17/01/2008, BG 12/02/2008, CS 12/02/2008, HR 12/02/2008, SI 12/02/2008, CZ 15/05/2008, HU 15/05/2008
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