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by Gabriele Salvatores


A bunch of hopeless unemployed occupy a polling place during general election in Italy to protest and report the mafia affairs of Mr. Cannavacciuolo. He is candidate and is setting up a fraud to be elected anyway. Lucia, his daughter, is taken as hostage by the group. The unexpected action manages to get the attention of the media, and the people starts supporting the group till the police intervenes with heavy manners.

original title: Sud
country: Italy
year: 1993
genre: fiction
directed by: Gabriele Salvatores
film run: 86'
release date: IT 17/10/1993
screenplay: Franco Bernini, Angelo Pasquini, Gabriele Salvatores
cast: Silvio Orlando, Claudio Bisio, Francesca Neri, Gigio Alberti, Renato Carpentieri, Antonio Catania, Marco Manchisi, Antonio Petrocelli, Francesco Alderuccio
cinematography by: Italo Petriccione
film editing: Massimo Fiocchi
art director: Rita Rabassini, Giancarlo Basili
costumes designer: Francesco Panni
music: Federico De Robertis
executive producer: Marina Gefter
line producer: Marco Mandelli

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