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by Francesca Archibugi


How were Renzo and Lucia before becoming the protagonists of the events told in Manzoni's "The Betrothed"? Second part of the miniseries based on the famous italian tale: the misadventures of the extremely unlucky lovers and their obstacles to get married. Will Renzo and Lucia succeed in crowning their love, despite the difficulties and their tragic historical period?

original title: Renzo e Lucia
country: Italy
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Francesca Archibugi
film run: 200'
release date: IT 13/01/2004, HU 20/08/2005
screenplay: Francesco Scardamaglia
cast: Stefano Scandaletti, Paolo Villaggio, Laura Morante, Stefania Sandrelli, Stefano Dionisi, Gigio Alberti, Stefano Scherini, Toni Bertorelli, Carlo Cecchi, Sebastiano Filocamo, Raffaele Vannoli
art director: Gianni Quaranta
costumes designer: Alessandro Lai
music: Battista Lena
producer: Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis

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