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by Céline Gailleurd, Olivier Bohler


The Italian silent cinema is one of the most famous at all, but who knows its origins, its first decades, from 1896 to 1930? In a contemporary and lyrical way and through fragments that fulfill the European Archives, Decadenza lets this Atlantide come to light again. Among the history of cinema’s secret universes, one has been forgotten for many years: the Italian silent one. Whole generations have been influenced by its directors, actors and stories. But who really knows its first decades, from 1896 to 1930? That flourishing film-industry gave birth to peplum, let the first stars shine, and many film-makers created their own style thanks to the trends of that time in painting, literature, theatre and opera. In its world of splendor and decadence, this cinema gained international fame, enthralling crowds, intellectuals and artists from all over Europe and abroad.

international title: Italia - Fire and Ashes
original title: Italia. Il fuoco, la cenere
country: Italy, France
sales agent: TVCO
year: 2021
genre: documentary
directed by: Céline Gailleurd, Olivier Bohler
film run: 93'
screenplay: Céline Gailleurd, Olivier Bohler
film editing: Léo Richard
music: Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari
producer: Ivan Olgiati, Chiara Galloni, Diamantine Ghariani
production: Articolture, Nocturnes Productions
backing: Direzione generale Cinema e audiovisivo del Ministero della Cultura DGCA-MIC
distributor: Istituto Luce Cinecittà

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