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by Paz Encina


The story happens in the Paraguayan Chaco, the territory with the highest deforestation rate in the world. 25,000 hectares of forest are being deforested a month in this territory which would mean an average of 841 hectares a day or 35 hectares per hour. The forest barely lives and this only due to a reserve that the Totobiegosode people achieved in a legal manner. They call Chaidi this place which means ancestral land or the place where we always lived and it is part of the "Ayoreo Totobiegosode Natural and Cultural Heritage". Before this, they had to live through the traumatic situation of leaving the territory behind and surviving a war. It is the story of the Ayoreo Totobiegosode people, told from the point of view of Asoja, a bird-god with the ability to bring an omniscient- temporal gaze, who becomes the narrator of this story developed in a crossing between documentary and fiction. It is a film that wants to tell the story of the Ayoreo people and the story of all the exiled. It aims to pre- serve a space of memory and wants to preserve a physical and a spiritual place - one that cannot be overthrown nor abolished.

international title: EAMI
original title: EAMI
country: Paraguay, Germany, Argentina, Netherlands, France, United States, Mexico
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Paz Encina
film run: 83'
screenplay: Paz Encina
cast: Anel Picanerai, Curia Chiquejno Etacoro, Ducubaide Chiquenoi, Basui Picanerai Etacore, Lucas Etacori, Guesa Picanerai, Lazaro Dosapei Cutamijo
cinematography by: Guillermo Saposnik
film editing: Jordana Berg
music: Fernando Velázquez Vezzetti, Joraine Picanerai
producer: Paz Encina, Christoph Hahnheiser, Josune Hahnheiser, Ilse Hughan, Nicolás Gil Lavedra, Emiliano Torres, Raymond Van Der Kaaij, Kirsi Saivosalmi, Marie-Pierre Macia, Claire Gadéa, Xenia Maingot, Joslyn Barnes, Susan Rockefeller, Luc Hardy, Julio Chavezmontes, Carlos Reygadas, Lorena Villarreal, Denisse Chapa, Darián de la Fuente, Gabriela Sabaté
production: Black Forest Film, Revolver Amsterdam, MPM Film (Movies Partners in Motion Film), Eaux Vives Productions, Silencio Cine (PY), Gamán Cine (AR), Louverture Films (US), Piano (MX), Barraca Producciones (MX), Grupo LVT (MX), Sagax Entertainment (US), Splendor Omnia (MX), Sabaté Films (PY)

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