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by Cosimo Alemà


111 aspiring performers aged 16 to 25 are auditioning for a hot new fantastic show! They have talent. They have determination. They all have the same dream. Nine of them are selected, but their euphoria is short lived as the auditions aren’t quite over. Only 4 of them will have this dream opportunity. Our nine protagonists will demonstrate to their capricious director whom amongst them truly deserves to be a part in the show. They will sing until they lose their voices and dance until they drop. They’re rivals, but during this grueling week of auditions on the long road to realizing their dreams, they will also bond, become friends and accomplices. Either way, their lives will change forever.

original title: Backstage: dietro le quinte
country: Italy
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Cosimo Alemà
release date: IT 21/04/2022
screenplay: Roberto Proia
cast: Giuseppe Futia, Beatrice Dellacasa, Genemé Tonini, Gianmarco Galati, Aurora Moroni, Ilaria Nestovito, Matteo Giunchi, Riccardo Suarez, Yuri Pascale, Giulio Pampiglione, Giulio Forges Davanzati
cinematography by: Luca Ciuti
art director: Simone Taddei
costumes designer: Chiara Mazzetti Di Pietralata
music: Alessandro Bencini
producer: Roberto Proia
production: Eagle Pictures
distributor: Eagle Pictures

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