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by Kristoffer Rus


The life of Waldek, which mainly revolves around video games, is about to be turned upside down. In the absence of her mum, he finds himself under the care of his crazy, unpredictable aunt, who enforces her own strict rules, which are unlike anything Waldek has ever experienced, and gives him new duties. Still, although his unconventional relative puts Waldek through what seems like quite an ordeal, she also teaches him the most valuable of life’s lessons.

international title: Too Old for Fairy Tales
original title: Za duży na bajki
country: Poland
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Kristoffer Rus
film run: 106'
release date: PL 18/03/2022
screenplay: Agnieszka Dabrowska
cast: Karolina Gruszka, Andrzej Grabowski, Dorota Kolak, Agata Krzewska, Patryk Siemek, Amelia Fijalkowska, Maciej Karas
cinematography by: Jan Rus Slominski
film editing: Marcin Konarzewski
art director: Aleksandra Kierzkowska
costumes designer: Paulina Gomolka
producer: Mikolaj Pokromski
production: Pokromski Studio
backing: Polish Film Institute/Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej

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