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by José Miguel Ribeiro


Three generations of women plagued by the civil war, Lelena (the grandmother), Nayola (the daughter) and Yara (the granddaughter). The past and present interweave. Nayola goes in search of her husband who disapeared during the war. Decades later, the country is finally at peace, but Nayola hasn't returned. Yara has become a rebellious teenager and subversive rap singer.

original title: Nayola
country: Portugal, Belgium, France, Netherlands
sales agent: Urban Sales
year: 2022
genre: animation
directed by: José Miguel Ribeiro
film run: 82'
screenplay: José Eduardo Agualusa, Virgílio Almeida, Mia Couto
music: Alex Dibicki
production: Praça Filmes, S.O.I.L. Productions, JPL Films, il Luster, Luna Blue Film

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