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by Nuno Beato


Rosa, a top professional, is the hot shot in her company. However, today Rosa destroys her computer in front of all her work colleagues and leaves the city for good. Rosa has just lost the only family she had, her grandfather Marcelino, who she hadn't seen for a long time.

international title: My Grandfather's Demons
original title: Os demónios do meu avô
country: Portugal, Spain, France
year: 2022
genre: animation
directed by: Nuno Beato
film run: 83'
screenplay: Possidónio Cachapa, Cristina Pinheiro
film editing: Aurora Sulli
art director: Nuno Beato
music: Carlos Guerreiro, Manuel Riveiro
producer: Nuno Beato, Diego Carvalho, Emmanuel Quillet, Martine Vidalenc, Carlos Juárez, Xosé Manuel Zapata Pérez
production: Sardinha em lata, Midralgar, Basque Films, Caretos Film
distributor: NOS Audiovisuais, Cinéma Public Films

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