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by Roberto D'Antona


In a small town, every inhabitant lives his daily life without asking too many questions and ignoring the disappearance of some women, until one day someone will put them in front of the possibility that they could be brutal serial murders. From that moment, fear will make its way and every balance will be shaken. To reach the denied truth denied for so long, the protagonists will find themselves losing much more than one can imagine.

international title: Hidden
original title: Hidden - Verità sepolte
country: Italy
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Roberto D'Antona
film run: 136'
release date: IT 2/02/2023
screenplay: Roberto D'Antona
cast: Annamaria Lorusso, Roberto D'Antona, Francesco Emulo, Alex D'Antona, Giulia Mesisca, Rachele Gatti, Stefano Tiraboschi, Alberto Fumagalli, Rachele Crotti
cinematography by: Stefano Pollastro
film editing: Roberto D'Antona
art director: Annamaria Lorusso
music: Aurora Rochez
producer: Roberto D'Antona, Annamaria Lorusso, Aurora Rochez, Francesco Mangiatordi, Stefano Pollastro, Paola Laneve
production: L/D Production Company, Amaranta Frame

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