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by Giovanni Dota


When Vlada Koza, a mature Ukrainian woman, intrusive and caring, becomes a grandmother for the first time, she drops everything and travels to Sicily from her home in the Carpathian mountains to join her daughter... without warning! But the girl does not appreciate her mother's suffocating attention, so she puts her at the door without much hesitation. Thus, Vlada finds herself alone and penniless in the Sicilian hinterland. An unexpected car accident makes her become the unlikely governess of Don Fredo, boss of the Laganàs: a dysfunctional mafia family struggling to survive in the modern world. The irrepressible intrusiveness of Vlada, who loves feeling useful, taking care of others, fixing things and giving advice, seems to bring a hint of palpable well-being within the walls of Villa Laganà... At least until the day she finds out who Don Fredo and his children really are!

original title: Koza nostra
country: Italy, Ukraine
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Giovanni Dota
film run: 103'
release date: IT 19/05/2022
screenplay: Giovanni Dota, Anastasiia Lodkina, Giulia Martinez, Matteo Visconti de Modrone
production: Pepito Produzioni, RAI Cinema
distributor: Adler Entertainment

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