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by Christina Tynkevych


Anna is a 35-year-old single mother, working hard to provide a better future for her daughter Katia. A sudden turn of events makes Anna question her moral compass in a society where everyone has lost their own.

international title: How Is Katia?
original title: Yak Tam Katia?
country: Ukraine
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Christina Tynkevych
film run: 101'
screenplay: Christina Tynkevych, Serhii Kastornykh, Julia Gonchar, Natalia Blok
cast: Anastasia Karpenko, Yekateryna Kozlova, Tetyana Krulikovskaya, Oleksii Cherevatenko, Iryna Verenych-Ostrovska
cinematography by: Vladislav Voronin
film editing: Alex Shamin, Oleksandr Chorny
producer: Olha Matat, Vlad Dudko, Sergei Konnov
production: Evos Film

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