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by Dominik Mencej


Slovenia, spring of 1999. Two friends from a small village decide to transform their mopeds into choppers and embark on a journey. On the road through Slovenia and Croatia - two countries just recently separated from Yugoslavia - they are accompanied by a young runaway woman with a mysterious past, and an old biker who has seen the world in search of freedom but still hasn’t found it. They challenge each other and themselves through shared experiences, which break their ties and conception of the old, thus giving way to the new. But the path is treacherous and with the sudden death of a companion, friendship is at stake and pain is unbearable without someone to blame.

international title: Riders
original title: Jezdeca
country: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Dominik Mencej
film run: 110'
screenplay: Boris Grgurovic, Dominik Mencej
cast: Nikola Kojo, Timon Sturbej, Petja Labovic, Anja Novak
cinematography by: Janez Stucin
film editing: Matic Drakulic, Andrej Nagode
producer: Miha Černec, Danijel Pek, Igor Prinčič, Srdjan Sarenac, Milan Stojanović
co-producer: Teo Riznar, Jožko Rutar
production: Staragara Productions, Antitalent Produkcija, Sense Production, Transmedia, Novi Film, Nuframe, Viba Film Studio
backing: Slovenian Film Centre [SI], Radio-Television Slovenia [SI], Serbian Film Center [RS], Croatian Audiovisual Centre [HR], FVG Fund [IT], Foundation for cinema of the city of Sarajevo [BA], Creative Europe MEDIA, Re-Act

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