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by Franck Dubosc


Tony is in his fifties, a school bus driver shut up in himself and living alone after having left his wife and daughter 20 years earlier. Shaken up by a cardiac alert, he finds the courage necessary to confront his past and sign up incognito for a dance course run by the daughter he never knew. All to (re)conquer her and give his life meaning.

international title: Rumba Therapy
original title: Rumba la vie
country: France
sales agent: Gaumont
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Franck Dubosc
film run: 105'
release date: FR 24/08/2022, BE 24/08/2022, IT 8/09/2022, ES 30/12/2022
screenplay: Franck Dubosc
cast: Franck Dubosc, Louna Espinosa, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Marie-Philomène Nga, Karina Marimon, Catherine Jacob, Michel Houellebecq, Marie Vincent, Constantin Vidal, Claire Bouanich
cinematography by: Ludovic Colbeau-Justin
film editing: Samuel Danési
art director: Arnaud Putman
costumes designer: Isabelle Mathieu
music: Sylvain Goldberg, Matteo Locasciulli
producer: Sidonie Dumas
production: Gaumont, Pour Toi Public Productions, TF1 Studio Production, Umedia
distributor: Gaumont Distribution

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