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by Enrico Ghezzi, Alessandro Gagliardo


The panorama of human affairs encounters the “man with a movie camera”. His playground has no boundaries, his curiosity no limits. Characters, situations and places pitch camp in the life of a humanity that is at once the viewer and the thing viewed. But what are the last days of this humanity? Have they already passed? Are they now or still to come? As they wait the astronauts of the Atalante, in their promethean dreams, meet their own image in a bubble of water. Along the passages of steamers in the open sea, a caress, a sign of affection. In the mirror, camera in hand, he checks himself, always uncertainly certain, his own capture inside that short, too short, unit of time. But what we have learnt is that nothing lasts. Everything that they touch turns into time, into action, expectation and hope, Demeter reminds bustling humanity. Fragment of fragments. To make a gesture that eludes melancholy and games in a downright impossible movement. Kraus’s theater on Mars has not yet opened, we were busy anarchiving. And this drama can have no other viewer but humanity.

international title: The Last Days of Humanity
original title: Gli ultimi giorni dell'umanità
country: Italy
year: 2022
genre: documentary
directed by: Enrico Ghezzi, Alessandro Gagliardo
film run: 200'
screenplay: Alessandro Gagliardo
film editing: Enrico Ghezzi, Alessandro Gagliardo
producer: Gabriele Monaco
production: Matango, Minerva Pictures Group, RAI Cinema, Cinedora, Parallelo 41 Produzioni [IT]
backing: Istituto Luce Cinecittà

Photogallery 07/09/2022: Venice 2022 - The Last Days of Humanity

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Enrico Ghezzi, Alessandro Gagliardo, Aura Ghezzi, Guseppe D'Amato, Marco Saitta, Gabriele Monaco, Armando Andria
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