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by Laura Baumeister de Montis


Nicaragua, today. Eleven-year-old María lives with her mother Lilibeth on the edge of an immense rubbish dump. Their future depends on selling a litter of purebred puppies to a local gang member. When the deal falls through, Lilibeth has to move to the outskirts of the city and leave María to work at a recycling factory. The days go by with no sign of her mother's return. María feels abandoned, confused and angry. One night she meets Tadeo, a kind and romantic boy determined to help her find her mother.

international title: Daughter of Rage
original title: La hija de todas las rabias
country: Nicaragua, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, Spain
sales agent: Best Friend Forever
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Laura Baumeister de Montis
film run: 93'
screenplay: Laura Baumeister de Montis
cast: Ara Alejandra Medal, Virginia Sevilla, Carlos Gutiérrez, Noé Hernández, Diana Sedano
cinematography by: Teresa Kuhn
film editing: Julián Sarmiento, Raúl Barreras
art director: Marcela Gómez Montoya
music: Jean-Baptiste de Laubier a.k.a Para One, Arthur Simonini
producer: Rossana Baumeister, Bruna Haddad, Laura Baumeister, Martha Orozco
production: Halal, Heimatfilm GMBH + CO KG, Promenades Films, Cardón Pictures, Dag Hoel, Nephilim Producciones, Felipa Films (NI), Marthfilms (MX)

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