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by Ion Borș


Moldova in the early 90s: Dima, a tractor driver, want to enlist for the military troops taking part in the local war on the Transnistrian border. Vasea, an Afghan war veteran, joins him. While on their way to the front, they find a carbonised body. The authorities ignore them and won't help them to identify the body. Dima and Vasea decide to bury the corpse according to the proper Christian rituals, but not before setting out, together with the body, on an absurd journey to discover his identity.

international title: Carbon
original title: Carbon
country: Moldova, Romania, Spain
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Ion Borș
film run: 97'
screenplay: Mariana Starciuc
cast: Dumitru Roman, Ion Vântu, Igor Caras-Romanov, Vitalie Vasilache, Ion Coșeru, Viorel Cornescu, Adriana Bâtcă, Veaceslav Mereuță, Alla Donțu, Tudor Andronache
cinematography by: Ruben Agadjanean
film editing: Sergiu Barajin
music: Alla Donțu
producer: Cumatrenco Sergiu, Ion Borș, Sergiu Pascaru, Marin Cumatrenco
production: Maya Films Studio, Nephilim Producciones, Youbesc (MD), Pascaru Production (MD), Badeamic (MD)

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