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by Pascal Schröder


Five friends are lured by a competition into a supposed Escape Room adventure. What they don‘t know, however, is that the so-called game is, in fact, a behavioural experiment developed by a psychologist and a computer scientist. The teenagers‘ friendship will be tested to the limit as the escape room starts playing the friends off against each other and confronting them with their deepest fears and weaknesses. A race against time and a battle between life and death begins...

international title: The Social Experiment
original title: The Social Experiment
country: Germany
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Pascal Schröder
film run: 97'
release date: DE 27/10/2022
screenplay: Raffaela Kraus, Pascal Schröder
cast: Raffaela Kraus, Elmo Anton Stratz, Gustav Strunz, Claudiu Mark Draghici, Thapelo Mashiane, Marion von Stengel, Emilia Djalili, Marven Suarez Brinkert
cinematography by: Daniel Schua
film editing: Zenon Kristen, Pascal Schröder
art director: Tobias Speiswinkel, Iris Trescher
costumes designer: Petra Kilian
music: Rubin Henkel, O.C. Jensen
producer: Andreas Schlieter, Kai Steinmetz
executive producer: Raffaela Kraus, Johannes Flütsch, Leonie Mittmann, Pascal Schröder, Nick van Ginneken
production: Gipfelstürmer Filmproduktion UG
distributor: Tobis Film

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