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by Alexander Zhovna


In the night, someone shoots an elderly couple in their sleep with a hunting rifle, leaving their twenty-year-old son, disa- bled and confined to a wheelchair, an orphan. The investiga- tion reveals the life story of what seems at first glance to be an ordinary Soviet family. While still young, the couple lost their long-desired infant daughter. Later in life, the fate gives them a child, but he happens to be a boy. The mother's pathological desire to have a daughter becomes an obsession. The woman treats Sashenka as a girl, dresses him as a girl and buys him dolls. The father supports his wife in every way. This is how starts a dramatic and aston- ishing story of human vices and deviations.

international title: Sashenka
original title: Sashenka
country: Ukraine
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Alexander Zhovna
film run: 130'
screenplay: Alexander Zhovna
cast: Oksana Burlay-Piterova
cinematography by: Kolbinev Sergey
film editing: Alexander Zhovna
producer: Alexander Zhovna, Evgeny Sivkov
production: Cinemastudio

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