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by Frédéric Recrosio, Klaudia Reynicke, Kristina Wagenbauer


Forty-something Valeria has an Olympic champion husband who has become a lifeguard, a young son, a father, a brother and a friend who is a lifelong musician and depressive. She is about to have her second child and to become the first Swiss woman to perform a heart transplant on a child. But her hectic life risks being turned upside down when Valeria collapses...

international title: La vie devant
original title: La vie devant
country: Switzerland
year: 2022
genre: series
created by: Frédéric Recrosio, Klaudia Reynicke, Kristina Wagenbauer
directed by: Klaudia Reynicke, Kristina Wagenbauer
screenplay: Frédéric Recrosio
cast: Vidal Arzoni, Carlos Leal, Audrey Dana, Remo Girone, Alexis Loret, Isaline Prévost, Léon Boesch
production: Point Prod, RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse

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