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by Maria Kaur Bedi, Satindar Singh Bedi


The filmmakers, Maria, a Swiss, and Satindar, an Indian, fall in love. However, his alcohol addiction calamitously hinders their future together. A poetic hybrid hypnotic autobiographical epic love tale of two souls split by addiction trying to save their love.

international title: The Curse
original title: Der Fluch
country: Switzerland
year: 2022
genre: documentary
directed by: Maria Kaur Bedi, Satindar Singh Bedi
film run: 82'
cinematography by: Maria Kaur Bedi
film editing: Maria Kaur Bedi
music: Maria Kaur Bedi
producer: Kaspar Winkler, Maria Kaur Bedi, Satindar Singh Bedi
production: Spirited Heroine Productions, Tilt Production GmbH

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