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by Pamela Tola


The friendship of two game designers, inseparable since childhood, begins to fall apart as one longs to return to their nostalgic youth, while the other is eager to marry and move on. As old resentments rise to the surface during a hen night live action roleplay, it’s time to resolve, once and for all, who is living whose dream.

international title: The Worst Idea Ever
original title: Virtual Baby
country: Finland
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Pamela Tola
film run: 107'
release date: FI 13/01/2023
screenplay: Pamela Tola
cast: Alina Tomnikov, Iina Kuustonen, Mikko Kauppila, Chike Ohanwe, Joanna Haartti, Lotta Lehtikari, Leea Klemola, Lauri Maijala
cinematography by: Arsen Sarkisiants
film editing: Antti Reikko
art director: Kari Kankaanpää
costumes designer: Jouni Mervas
music: Salla Luhtala
producer: Aleksi Bardy, Anniina Leppänen
production: Helsinki Filmi Oy
distributor: Aurora Studios

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