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by Juan Galiñanes


Follows compulsive gambler Sergio who after receiving a tip-off returns to the betting house trying to recover all the money he has lost , but another gambler bursts into the place with a gun and a gunshot will change his life forever.

original title: Fatum
country: Spain
sales agent: Film Constellation
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Juan Galiñanes
release date: ES 28/04/2023
screenplay: Juan Galiñanes, Alberto Marini
cast: Luis Tosar, Álex García, Elena Anaya, Arón Piper, María Luisa Mayol, Pepa Gracia, Alberto Ammann, Luis Zahera, Dani Medín, Machi Salgado
cinematography by: Alejandro de Pablo
film editing: Lu Rodríguez
art director: Alexandra Fernández
costumes designer: María Porto
music: Manuel Riveiro
producer: Emma Lustres
line producer: María Liaño
production: Vaca Films, Playtime Movies, RTVE - Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española, CRTVG Corporación de Radio y Televisión de Galicia, Amazon Prime Video
distributor: Universal Pictures International Spain

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