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by Luca Calvani


Fosco (Francesco Ciampi) and Fred (Luca Calvani) are two very different brothers who have taken completely different paths. Life, however, puts them back on the same path, after the death of their aunt and an inheritance to share: 122 hectares of land. Fred will rediscover his roots, while Fosco will finally roll the dice of a life that by now seemed resigned and devoid of love.

original title: Il cacio con le pere
country: Italy
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Luca Calvani
film run: 90'
release date: IT 9/03/2023
screenplay: Luca Calvani, Francesco Ciampi, Alessio Venturini
cast: Luca Calvani, Francesco Ciampi, Anna Safroncik, Elena Di Cioccio, Marta Zoffoli, Geppi Cucciari, Gianluca Gori, Giusi Merli, Alessio Sardelli
cinematography by: David Becheri
film editing: Matteo Picardi
costumes designer: Joanna Johnston
music: Gianluca Sibaldi
producer: Lin Nafei, Riccardo Pintus
production: Gate 99 Films

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