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by Maksym Tuzov, Oleksiy Mamedov, Yuliia Shashkova


Anthology film about the war in Ukraine, with animals as the main heroes. Recognized Ukrainian and foreign directors will tell insightful stories based on real events and show the trials that animals in Ukraine have to endure during war. Unlike us, animals don't have to take a test of humanity and they don't have political preferences, but they can clearly distinguish between good and evil.

international title: War Through the Eyes of Animals
original title: War Through the Eyes of Animals
country: Ukraine
year: 2023
genre: documentary
directed by: Maksym Tuzov, Oleksiy Mamedov, Yuliia Shashkova
cast: Oleksandr Pecherytsia, Mykhailo Matiukhin, Daria Derzhun, Maryna Koshkina, Andriy Isayenko, Oleksiy Zubkov, Artem Cherniy
cinematography by: Lev Kostenko, Oleksandr Roshchyn, Yuriy Gruzinov
producer: Oleg Kokhan
executive producer: Roman Klimpush, Oleksandr Popudrenko
line producer: Oleksiy Makukhin
production: Sota Cinema Group

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