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by Cornel Gheorghita


In the Carpathians mountains, in a remote village, Irina lives with her brother, both orphans. They help their adoptive parents with the household chores. The young woman, born deaf-mute, has only one friend in the village: old Ciorsak, the church bell ringer. As often as she can, Irina retreats in nature, among wild animals that roam through the surrounding forests. In this idilic setting, suspended in time, a french crew arrives to make a documentary film about local traditions and customs, baptism, wedding and funeral. Martin, the cameraman, falls madly in love with Irina, who accepts his love. As the film confronts the beliefs and superstitions of the villagers, their love gradually turns into a macabre ritual.

international title: The Deadman's Bride
original title: Mireasa mortului
country: Romania
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Cornel Gheorghita
film run: 100'
release date: RO 24/03/2023
screenplay: Cornel Gheorghita, Petru Cimpoesu, Nathalie Mougenot
cast: Ion Sapdaru, Ioana Crăciunescu, Sandu Mihai Gruia, Constantin Florescu, Victoria Cocias, Mircea Andreescu, Alexandru Georgescu, Liana Mărgineanu, Lorena-Andrada Zăbrăuțanu, Denis Dinulescu
cinematography by: Dobre Alexandru, Silviu Stavilă
film editing: Nathalie Mougenot
art director: Marian Pîrvu
music: Frédéric Blondy
producer: Cornel Gheorghita
co-producer: Alain Miquel
executive producer: Mihai Sofronea

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