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by Tanel Toom


Set in the future on a war-ravaged Earth, four soldiers man Sentinel – a remote military base in a vast ocean that separates two warring continents. They await the relief or the enemy, whichever comes first. But as the empty weeks turn to months, a paranoia descends testing relationships to breaking point. Whilst their tour of duty ended 3 months ago, the relief crew still hasn’t shown up. Alone and uncertain as to their fate, the simmering tension amongst the crew only escalates when a mysterious boat drifts into range – is it the help they have been waiting so long for, or something far more sinister?

international title: Last Sentinel
original title: Last Sentinel
country: Estonia, United Kingdom, Germany
sales agent: Altitude Film Entertainment Sales
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Tanel Toom
film run: 117'
screenplay: Malachi Smyth
cast: Kate Bosworth, Martin McCann, Thomas Kretschmann, Lucien Laviscount
cinematography by: Mart Ratassepp
film editing: Tambet Tasuja
art director: Kaia Tungal
producer: Ivo Felt, Jörg Bundschuh, Ben Pullen, Pippa Cross, Matthew James Wilkinson
production: Allfilm, Altitude Film Entertainment, ARTE Deutschland, CrossDay Productions Ltd., Head Gear Films, Kick Film GmbH, Sentinel Entertainment, Stigma Films, Tallifornia

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