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by Gert Fredholm


Jens Christian is a highly competent judge and newly appointed chairman of the Danish Refugee Board. He rules to deport poet and political activist Sergo Bliadze, a potential political refugee. Hearing the verdict, Bliadze attempts suicide. Minister, media and colleagues come down hard on Jens Christian. In the midst of his biggest professional crisis, Anders of fifteen, a son he's never admitted to having, turns up. His personal life is now in a state of chaos and Jens Christian puts up a fight in both worlds to make it all fit together.

international title: The Judge
original title: Dommeren
country: Denmark
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Gert Fredholm
film run: 90'
release date: DK 04/11/2005
screenplay: Gert Fredholm, Mikael Olsen
cast: Peter Gantzler, Peter Schrøder, Micky Skeel Hansen, Sarah Boberg, Jesper Lohmann, Henning Olesen
cinematography by: Ole Kragh-Jacobsen
film editing: Molly Stensgaard
art director: Viggo Bentzon
music: Michael Price
producer: Mikael Olsen
production: Zentropa Entertainments
backing: DFI (Danish Film Institute) + New Danish Screen
distributor: Filmbyen 12
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