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by Neta Shoshani


Two films that create one work about the 1948 War of Independence unfold along two axes. One in the past, retelling the events of the war through journals and letters that were written in real time – an ensemble of voices, Jewish and Arab, that create a human story about that dramatic war and allow a glimpse into the way the perception of this war was constructed on both sides. They’re accompanied by breathtaking original footage, a great part of it being shown for the first time. In the present, the characters are battling over the war’s memory – researchers, archivists, members of the unit for detecting missing soldiers. Some are charges with maintaining the ethos, other with its deconstruction. Each one of them believes that how memory of this crucial war will be embedded is critical to the future of our lives here in Israel.

international title: 1948 - Remember, Remember Not
original title: 1948 - Remember, Remember Not
country: Israel
year: 2023
genre: documentary
directed by: Neta Shoshani
film run: 147'
screenplay: Neta Shoshani
cinematography by: Itay Raziel
film editing: Neta Dvorkis
music: Asher Goldshmit
producer: Mika Timor, Yotam Guendelman
production: Silvio Films (IL), Kan 11 (IL)

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