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by Federico Rizzo


A restaurateur in crisis due to price increases due to the war in Ukraine convinces his friends to restore cigarette smuggling, which has been stopped in Puglia for over twenty years. Smuggling becomes a metaphor for denouncing the anger of citizens due to the political and cultural abandonment of a vast territory, the Brindisi-Tarantino area, which has been particularly plundered, also from an environmental point of view.

original title: Il contrabbandiere
country: Italy, Albania
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Federico Rizzo
film run: 75'
release date: IT 26/01/2023
screenplay: Federico Rizzo
cast: Federico Rizzo, Andrea Taurino, Sara Bevilacqua, Nicola Pernisco, Giuseppe Romanelli, Francesco Saponaro, Antonio Barbero, Giuseppe Vitale, Vincenzo Martire, Gianpiero Sartorio, Marica Coccia, Gianni Pellegrino, Vincenzo Alighieri, Nazareno Mariano
cinematography by: Arben Milo, Adi Grishaj
film editing: Herta Basha
music: Marco Biscarini, Giovanni Cavazza
production: Papadhimitri Film Production

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