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by Francesco Patierno


The story of Albert Camus’ La Peste, originally set in Algeria in 1947, moves to Naples in the present day. During the hardest days of the lockdown, a film crew shoots a film adapted from Camus’ La Peste. The reality of the actors’ lives alternates with the fiction of theactors who play the characters: the two narrative levels gradually come together. Corso Umberto, Rione Sanità, the Baths, the Mergellina station, the Hotel Oriente, the Prefecture, streets, corners, mostly deserted: Naples is in full lockdown. A spectral timeless city in the contemporary reinterpretation of Albert Camus’ La Peste by Francesco Patierno, in which the feelings, the fears and the conflicts in the book slide harmoniously into the disorientation generated by the pandemic, and pieces of reality, such as the desperate man who roams the streets at night shouting, reflect the text. A hospital, its doctors and volunteers, the city officials, the tradesmen, everyday people, all mix with a crew making a film of La Peste, in a terse and engaging common drama. Some wish to escape. Some decide to stay. But fear cannot be confronted alone.

original title: La cura
country: Italy
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Francesco Patierno
film run: 87'
screenplay: Francesco Patierno, Francesco Di Leva, Andrej Longo
cast: Alessandro Preziosi, Francesco Mandelli, Francesco Di Leva, Cristina Donadio, Peppe Lanzetta, Andrea Renzi, Antonino Iuorio, Ernesto Mahieux, Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, Eliana Miglio, Viviana Cangiano, Francesca Romana Bergamo, Giuseppe Cirillo
cinematography by: Paolo Pisacane
film editing: Simone Veneroso
costumes designer: Giovanna Napolitano
music: Massimo Martellotta
producer: Andrea Cannavale, Alessandro Cannavale, Beatrice Bulgari
associate producer: Alex Marano
production: In Between Art Film, Run Film

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