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by Florence Vignon


Clémence Alpharo who, to get a permanent contract in the company that has just hired her, must in particular push Henri Giffard, VRP at the end of the course, towards early retirement. But Giffard refuses. His work is the only thing that still gives meaning to his life. Stuck between the prospect of a professional future that would allow her to flee her family history, and the unexpected affection she feels for the sales rep, Clémence must choose. A choice that will inexorably push Clémence and Henri to their last entrenchments

original title: L'Homme debout
working title: L’échappée belle
country: France
sales agent: Orange Studio
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Florence Vignon
film run: 86'
release date: FR 17/05/2023
screenplay: Florence Vignon
cast: Zita Hanrot, Jacques Gamblin, Cédric Moreau, Tatiana Gousseff, Vincent Jaspard, Florence Vignon, Alain Beigel, Thomas Chabrol, Guillaume Clerice, Bruno Abraham-Kremer
cinematography by: Aurélien Marra
film editing: Hervé de Luze, Elif Uluengin
art director: Valérie Saradjian
costumes designer: Bethsabée Dreyfus
music: Côme Aguiar
producer: Marc-Benoît Créancier
co-producer: Juliette Hayat
production: Easy Tiger, Les Films du Printemps, Orange Studio
distributor: Orange Studio

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