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by Marco Santarelli


Samad is a young man who made a mistake and who has already paid for his mistakes with prison. Father Agostino, his friend and mentor to him, thinks that Samad’s experience could be an inspiration for the boys who are still behind bars. This is why he makes him return within those walls to tell it. But it is the wrong day, because a fight explodes the anger and resentment of the inmates, who decide to barricade themselves in protest. It is then that Samad will find himself forced to choose which side he wants to be on: Muslim or Christian, accomplice or hostage.

original title: Samad
country: Italy
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Marco Santarelli
film run: 78'
release date: IT 8/03/2023
screenplay: Marco Santarelli, Giancarlo Balmas, Mariano Di Nardo
cast: Mehdi Meskar, Roberto Citran, Marilena Anniballi, Luciano Miele, Abdessamad Bannaq, Youssef El Gahda, Amina Ennauri, Issam Laou, Gaspare Balsamo, Younes El Bazouri, Stanley Igbokwe, Aleksandros Memetaj, Stefania Ugomari Di Blas, Asia Galeotti, Giovanni De Giorgi, Ettore Nicoletti
cinematography by: Andrea Locatelli
film editing: Edoardo Morabito
art director: Luca Servino
costumes designer: Fabio Cicolani, Silvia Cerpolini
music: Matteo Ruperto
producer: Simone Gattoni, Patrick Carrarin, Carlo Macchitella, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio
production: RAI Cinema, The film Club
backing: Direzione generale Cinema e audiovisivo del Ministero della Cultura DGCA - MIC

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