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by Arantxa Echevarria


The tale of two 9-year-old Chinese girls told parallel to one another. The two start school in Madrid: they look alike, but they are very different: Lucia is the daughter of immigrants. She feels Spanish, she wants to fit in, but her parents don't speak Spanish and they work all day long. They don't even want her to celebrate her birthday at Burger King. Xiang is adopted. She attracts attention wherever she goes with her Spanish parents. She feels neither Chinese nor accepted by the children at school.

international title: Chinas
original title: Chinas
country: Spain
sales agent: Latido Films
year: 2023
genre: fiction
directed by: Arantxa Echevarria
film run: 118'
release date: ES 6/10/2023
cast: Valeria Fernández, Yeju Ji, Shiman Yang, Pablo Molinero, Ella Qiu, Leonor Watling, Xinyi Ye, Carolina Yuste
cinematography by: Pilar Sánchez Díaz
film editing: Renato Sanjuán
art director: Lita Echeverría
costumes designer: Teresa Mora
music: Marina Herlop
producer: Arantxa Echevarria, Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano, Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, Pilar Sánchez Díaz
production: LaZona, Hojalata Films, Movistar Plus+, RTVE - Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española, Tvtec Servicios audiovisuales
backing: ICAA - Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales
distributor: A Contracorriente Films

Photogallery 28/09/2023: San Sebastián 2023 - Chinas

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