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by Darko Mitrevski


Trandafil is a man overcome by fear , with a life marked by the war and the numbers... At the time his country was suffering from war, he and his family fled to nearby Bulgaria; during the exodus his stepmother dies and he finds himself in the grip of the absurd Balkan bureaucracy. "You must bury her where she died, that’s the only solution," he is told. He wraps the woman’s dead body in a carpet to bring it back to Macedonia. But on his way back home he is robbed of all his belongings, including the body in the carpet! This is the starting point of our man’s trip in the horrific Balkan underground...

original title: BAL-CAN-CAN
country: Italy, Macedonia, United Kingdom
sales agent: Minerva Pictures Group
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Darko Mitrevski
film run: 90'
screenplay: Darko Mitrevski
cinematography by: Suki Medencevic
film editing: Giacobbe Gamberini
art director: Natasha Dimitrievska
costumes designer: Zaklina Krstevska
music: Dario Marianelli
producer: Darko Mitrevski, Alessandro Verdecchi, Loris Curci, Alessandro Verdecchi, Darko Mitrevski
production: Verdecchifilm, Partysans Film (MK)
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