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by Pedro Aguilera


More than ten years after giving up on poetry, Arthur Rimbaud, now a merchant in Africa, is considering coming back to France. He just needs one last score, trading thousands of rifles to King Menelik. But nothing goes as planned.

international title: Splendid Hotel
original title: Splendide Hotel: Un voyant en enfer
country: France, Morocco, Spain
sales agent: Stray Dogs
year: 2023
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Pedro Aguilera
film run: 76'
release date: ES 08/12/2023
screenplay: Pedro Aguilera, Damien Bonnard, Nathan Fischer
cast: Damien Bonnard
cinematography by: Jimmy Gimferrer
film editing: Sergio Vega Borrego
music: Jimmy Gimferrer, Fernando Vacas
producer: Nathan Fischer, Saïd Hamich Benlarbi, Pedro Aguilera, Damien Bonnard
production: Stray Dogs, Barney Production, Mont Fleuri Production (MA)
distributor: Good Films

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