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by Ludovica Fales


Zaga is a Romani girl, born and raised in a camp in Rome. We meet her at the age of 17, when she was living with her child in an apartment in the Tor Bella Monaca neighborhood, and the director began filming her attempt to obtain a residence permit. After more than a year of trying, Zaga realized she had no right to obtain the documents and decided to leave without a trace.

original title: Lala
country: Italy, Slovenia
sales agent: Slingshot Films
year: 2023
genre: documentary
directed by: Ludovica Fales
film run: 85'
screenplay: Ludovica Fales
cinematography by: Valentina Summa
film editing: Adelina Bichis, Asher Tlalim
music: Edoardo De Angelis, Bruno Franceschini
producer: Igor Prinčič
production: Transmedia, Staragara Productions

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