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by Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias


A voice that claims to be from a hippopotamus. A voice that doesn't understand the perception of time. Pepe, the first and last hippo killed in the Americas, tells his story with the overwhelming orality of these towns.

international title: Pepe
original title: Pepe
country: Dominican Republic, Namibia, Germany, France
year: 2024
genre: fiction
directed by: Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
film run: 122'
screenplay: Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
cast: Jhon Narváez, Sor María Ríos, Fareed Matjila, Harmony Ahalwa, Jorge Puntillón García
cinematography by: Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias, Roman Lechapelier, Camilo Soratti
film editing: Tom Swash
art director: Melania Freire, Daniel Rincón
music: Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
producer: Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias, Pablo Lozano, Tanya Valette
co-producer: Christoph Friedel, Joel Haikali, Mani Mortazavi, Andrea Queralt
production: 4 A 4 Productions, Pandora Filmproduktion, Monte y Culebra (DO), Joe Vision Production CC (NA)

Photogallery 21/02/2024: Berlinale 2024 - Pepe

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Nelson Carlos De Los Santos Arias, Jhon Narvaez, Fareed Matjila, Nahuel Palenque, Pablo Lozano, Tanya Valette
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