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by Jaime Puertas Castillo


Between naps, chases and guided tours, the legend of a farmhouse that does not exist connects Mari, José and Jonás.

international title: Tale of Shepherds
original title: Historia de pastores
country: Spain
year: 2024
genre: fiction
directed by: Jaime Puertas Castillo
film run: 80'
screenplay: Jaime Puertas Castillo
cast: Mari Marin, Antón Rodríguez, Yusuf Román
cinematography by: Àlvar Riu Dolz
film editing: Gerard Borràs
art director: Erik Rodríguez Fernández
music: Wang Lu
producer: Maria Riera Peris
production: Películas Maria, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola

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