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by Margarida Gil


The young film student Maria do Mar is working on a documentary about the old manor houses along the Douro River. It is the final project in her thesis on “Reality in Cinema”. Maria has an unlimited confidence in what is visible. Her candour and her naivety allow her to see the bright side of life – such as the beauty of the landscape and the authenticity of the place, or what’s left of it. But when Maria enters the final manor house on her list, she soon realises that something is going on in this house that is not as innocent as it first seemed. The manor is truly a house of horrors.

international title: Hands in the Fire
original title: Mãos no fogo
country: Portugal
year: 2024
genre: fiction
directed by: Margarida Gil
film run: 109'
screenplay: Margarida Gil
cast: Carolina Campanela, Marcello Urgeghe, Adelaida Teixeira, Rita Durão, Sofia Vilariço, Ricardo Aibéo, Sara Santos, Elgar do Rosário, Dinis Gomes, Fátima Serafim, André Gomes
cinematography by: Acácio de Almeida
film editing: João Braz
art director: Carlos Subtil
costumes designer: Dino Alves
music: Daniel Bernardes
producer: Alexandre Oliveira
production: Ar de Filmes

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