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by Asli Özge


Faruk, a man in his nineties, increasingly becomes the protagonist in the film his daughter is making about the impending demolition of his block of flats in Istanbul. In the hope of delaying the demolition of a building he has been living in for decades, Faruk regularly attends building management meetings. As the daughter films her father, the boundaries between reality and fiction begin to blur. Shot in authentic locations and based on real characters and events, Aslı Özge’s new film offers an insight into the life of an elderly man in the bustling metropolis of Istanbul. Alongside exploring the implications of gentrification, the work also delves into the complexities of a father-daughter relationship.

international title: Faruk
original title: Faruk
country: Germany, Turkey, France
sales agent: Heretic Outreach
year: 2024
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Asli Özge
film run: 97'
screenplay: Asli Özge
cast: Faruk Özge, Derya Erkenci, Gönül Gezer, Nurdan Çakmak, Semih Arslanoğlu, Fikret Özge
cinematography by: Emre Erkmen
film editing: Andreas Samland, Asli Özge
art director: Asli Özge
costumes designer: Asli Özge
producer: Asli Özge
co-producer: Seyhan Kaya, Jean-Christophe Simon, Michael Reuter
production: EEE Films, Parallel 45, The Post Republic, FC Istanbul (TR)

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