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by Amos Gitai


A diverse cross-section of Israeli society converges in a single multi-use building, the Shikun. As people of different languages, origins and generations come together in highly theatrical encounters, they grapple with the current state of affairs. In a poignant metaphor inspired by Eugène Ionesco’s famous play Rhinoceros, some begin to turn into rhinoceroses, while others resist.

international title: Shikun
original title: Shikun
country: Israel, France, Switzerland, Brazil, United Kingdom
year: 2024
genre: fiction
directed by: Amos Gitai
film run: 84'
screenplay: Amos Gitai
cast: Irène Jacob, Hana Laslo, Yaël Abecassis, Bahira Ablassi, Menashe Noy
cinematography by: Eric Gautier
film editing: Yuval Orr, Simon Birman
art director: Arie Weiss
music: Alexsey Kochetkov, Louis Sclavis
producer: Amos Gitai, Laurent Truchot, Ilan Moskovitch, Catherine Dussart, Shuki Friedman
co-producer: Alexandre Iordachescu, João Queiroz Filho, Gilles Masson, Nathalie Varagnat, Moshe Edery, Alan Terpins, Marcello Brennand, Lisabeth Sander, Luiz Simões Lopes Neto
executive producer: Jeremy Thomas
production: United King Films, Agav Films, Recorded Picture Company, CDP - Catherine Dussart Productions, Elefant Films Sàrl, Ventre Studio (BR)

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