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by Clara Bilbao


Remedios Buendía defends her homeland and will fight for it above all else. On that fateful day in the autumn of '45, a group of Maquis on the run had the bad idea of ​​taking over the post office, where Remedios, excited, tries on her wedding dress. Today is the day when Remedios will show how far she can go to defend her values. And no one can stop her. Not even this battalion of rebels with smoking rifles and raised fists.

international title: We Treat Women Too Well
original title: Tratamos demasiado bien a las mujeres
country: Spain, France
sales agent: Filmax
year: 2024
genre: fiction
directed by: Clara Bilbao
film run: 97'
screenplay: Miguel Barros
cast: Carmen Machi, Antonio de la Torre, Julián Villagrán, Isak Férriz, Diego Anido, Óscar Ladoire, Ayax Pedrosa, Oleg Kricunova, Felipe Pirazán, Nicolás Grandhomme
cinematography by: Imanol Nabea
film editing: Ascen Marchena
art director: Curru Garabal
costumes designer: Maite Tarilonte
music: Marina Sorín, Nacho Mastretta
executive producer: Julio Casal, Mateo Gil, Mamen Quintas
production: Ficción Producciones, Noodles Productions
distributor: Filmax

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