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by Lidia Duda


Young, brimming with hope, and striving to build a better life for their children and themselves, Asia and Marek, have relocated to the edge of one of Europe's oldest forests, along Poland's eastern border. For their three children, the forest is not only a vast playground but also something akin to a second home. However, as the refugee crisis casts its long shadow on the whole of Europe and Poland's borders turn into one of the central scenes of this drama, with unwelcome refugees trapped between two countries, the family's quiet days seem numbered. Aiding "illegal immigrants" is prohibited by their country's laws, but how does one refuse to help someone in need? Discovering a captivating, poetic equilibrium between the deeply personal and the essentially political, Forest brings to the forefront the natural landscape, as well as the characters' emotional environment, crafting a film that resonates loudly and goes beyond pompous statements. It is a film fraught with tension and yet affectionate, a dark touching tale for when you fall upon hard times that serves as a reminder of the importance of solidarity and personal responsibility.

international title: Forest
original title: Las
country: Poland, Czech Republic
sales agent: Rise and Shine World Sales
year: 2024
genre: documentary
directed by: Lidia Duda
film run: 84'
screenplay: Lidia Duda
cinematography by: Zuzanna Zachara-Hassairi
film editing: Lidia Duda, Filip Stanislawski
producer: Aleksandra Ostatkiewicz, Michal Ostatkiewicz, Patryk Sielecki
co-producer: Anna Bławut-Mazurkiewicz, Lidia Duda, Michal Sikora
production: Lumisenta Film Foundation, Lonely Production, Canal+ Polska, EC1 Lodz - City of Culture, Studio Filmowe Rabarbar

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