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by Farah Kassem


After a fifteen-year absence, Farah returns to Lebanon to live with her ageing father. There, the two try to find a common language that will allow them to have one last conversation. Ultimately, that language will turn out to be the only one he understands: poetry. As the sounds of revolution echo outside, Farah Kassem creates a deeply moving work, an intimate yet open portrait of her country in crisis.

international title: We Are Inside
original title: Nahnou Fil Dakhil
country: Lebanon, Qatar, Denmark
year: 2024
genre: documentary
directed by: Farah Kassem
film run: 177'
cinematography by: Tebbe Schöningh
film editing: Anders Jepsen
music: Jon Sensmeier
producer: Cynthia Choucair, Patricia Drati, Jamal Dalali, Mehdi Bekkar
production: Good Company Pictures, Road2Films (LB), Aljazeera Documentary Channel (QA)

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