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by Paolo Genovese, Luca Miniero


Walter is a pensioner who does not surrender in front of time's fury, which at his age is too much, way too much. Egoistic, fanciful without being pathetic, Walter is a strategist when it comes to spending every minute of his long days. He gets into discussions with the call center operators, puts his home up for sale, (without any real intention of selling it ) but uses it as an excuse to talk to someone, and he befriends a little ten year old girl, Sara, who will follow him in all his follies. One day while he is at the park reading a newspaper, Walter reads an article that will startle him : according to recent Istat figures, for every young person working, there is an old person staying at home. "It means that someone is working for me, I need to find out who, so I can protect him, make sure he is working for two people, help him, thank him". This is what Walter is thinking as together with the little girl, he begins a proliferous and exciting quest. The worker they infact select is a young clerk, above all very shy and frustrated. Walter,between fits of jealousy and vengeance strikes up a friendship with Piero, becoming his ally as well as father figure, but mostly teaching him about love, because on that subject, Piero is hopeless. The outcome of this conflictual meeting between the two men, will put pressure on Piero under Walter's insistance, in seeking the first woman in his life with inevitable outcomes...

international title: Sorry, You Can't Get Through!
original title: Nessun messaggio in segreteria
country: Italy
sales agent: Revolver
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Paolo Genovese, Luca Miniero
release date: 20/05/2005 (IT)
screenplay: Paolo Genovese, Luca Miniero
cast: Carlo Delle Piane, Pierfrancesco Favino, Lorenza Indovina, Natalie Guetta, Nicole Murgia, Valerio Mastandrea, Anna Falchi
cinematography by: Mario Amura
art director: Valentina Scalia
costumes designer: Grazia Materia
producer: Enrico Molè
production: A-Movie Productions S.p.A., Pablo srl

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