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by Sama Pana


Rachita Taneja, the creator of the popular Indian stick figure cartoon and Sanitary Panels, is a feminist webcomic challenging myths and taboos around menstruation, mental health and queer rights. Known for her sharp socio-political commentary, she has garnered an immense following of young, liberal Indians. In the face of censorship and prosecution for her art, Taneja seeks support from like-minded individuals dedicated to amplifying their voices in a society where freedom of speech is rapidly eroding.

international title: Drawing a Line
original title: Drawing a Line
country: Belgium, Luxembourg
sales agent: Autlook Filmsales GmbH
year: 2024
genre: documentary
directed by: Sama Pana
film run: 73'
screenplay: Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe, Sama Pana
cinematography by: Johan Legraie
film editing: Philippe Ravoet, Neel Cockx
producer: Hanne Phlypo, Estelle Robin You, Marion Guth, François Le Gall
production: Clin d'oeil Films, a_BAHN, Shelter Prod

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